The Theatre is equipped with  several projector options and a Blu-ray player with 7.1 stereo sound for movies. We are also capable of showing 16mm film, standard 2" x 2″ slides, and video projection for presentations. These are projected onto a 14' x 28' flown perforated front projection screen. The projection distance is 90 feet from the booth.   The screen is 34 feet from the first row of seats. Other professional video equipment can be rented locally with notice.


Additional Equipment Available:

  • 1-Portable Projection Screen 10’6″ x 14′ Front projection only.
  • 2- Rear Projections Screens (these are old and heavy, and will require advanced notice to set up)
  • 5-Bakerwood DMX controlled projector dowsers

In the Projection Booth

  • 1-Barco DP2K-10S DLP Cinema Projector with Barco Alchemy ICMP [9000 Lumens, (2,048 x 1,080) resolution, 1850:1 contrast ratio]   pgBFL 70.0mm DLP Cinema 2.5 / 30.5-59.7mm, 0.69" S2K Zoom (2-3.9):1 Lens
  • CRU RAX215DC 1U RackMount 1- bay JBOD storage rack for digital movie content for playing DCP Content
  • 1-Sanyo PLC-ZM5000L Projector [5000 lumens, WUXGA (1920 x 1200) resolution, 2000:1 contrast ratio]
  • 1-Oppo BDP-93 Blue-ray Disc Player with 7.1 stereo audio
  • Panasonic PV660 4-Head HiFi Stereo VCR
  • 1-Toshiba D-VR5SU (Combo VCR & DVD-R)
  • 2-Eastman Arc Lamp 16mm Projector Model 25 (with electric changeover)

Also Available

  • 1-Sanyo PLC-ZM5000L Projector [5000 lumens, WUXGA (1920 x 1200)resolution, 2000:1 contrast ratio] in second AP
  • 4-Epson Powerlite 7900P [3000 lumen, XGA (1024 x 768)resolution, 700:1 contrast ratio]
  • 2-Epson Powerlite 7700p with Long Throw Attachment Lens (ELPAL01)
  • [3000 lumen, XGA (1024 x 768)resolution, 400:1 contrast ratio] also have 1 (ELPAW01) lens
  • 1-Epson Powerlite 810P [2000 lumen, XGA (1024 x 768)resolution, 400:1 contrast ratio]
  • 2-Kodak Ektagraphic III ATS slide projector
  • 1-Toshiba W-627 4-Head HiFi Stereo VCR

There are also several DVD players rack mounted in the Sound Booth

  • 1-Oppo BDP-93 Blue-ray Disc Player with 7.1 stereo audio (mounted in a portable rack)
  • 1-LG BH200 Super Blu Player (combo Blu-ray & HD DVD)
  • 1-Denon DN-V200
  • 1-Panasonic DVD-RV32

There is closed circuit Television (CCTV) for the theatre and dressing rooms.

  • 1-Sanyo VCC-HD4600 Camera
  • 1-Sony CVX-V18NS (Nightshot Camera)
  • Various Samsung flat screen TV’s in the lobby and backstage.
  • Small TV’s in the dressing rooms

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