The proscenium is 38' wide and 19-1/2' high. It is closed with a dark blue traveling velour Grand Drape and a Guillotine Main Drape. The backstage floor is 36'x75' (less 5' for flies) and the gridiron is 50' high.   Everything flies on 38 sets of counterweighted lines. There are some limited handlines, including four sets for legs with a full 38' proscenium opening   (these are particularly usefull for dance productions).

Both systems operate stage right: counterweights at the floor and handlines from the pinrail at 22'.   Most pipes are 40' long. The upstage eight linesets are 54' long   Some rigging is permanently assigned, so check with the T. D. before committing any linesets.

The white cyclorama is 31' high and 52' wide which is located 30' upstage from the Grand Drape. There is crossover space of 2 to 3 feet between the cyc and the back wall.

The cyc flies and when fully out there is only 16' of clearance under the bottom.

Stage right wingspan is 17' and stage left wingspan is 16' (proscenium to sidewall).

Spanos Theatre
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Spanos Theatre