The entire stage floor, including pit cover, is painted black. The stage floor and caliper area is all covered with 1/4 masonite. The wood is laid over wood sleepers and cushion pads. There are 6 traps center  (4-1/2′x8-1/2), floor pockets and irregularities al over, but not serious. We have a reversible black/grey Harlequin floor available for dance use (requires advance notice).   There is a traproom available.

The stage floor is 3-1/2 feet above the front aisle (7' from the pit floor), and wraps around the pit on both sides. The pit is solid covered, set at 13″ below the stage, with a step leading down to it. It is of aluminum frame and plywood deck modular construction, covered with a vinyl flooring material. It is solid but hollow-sounding, and can be carpeted.

The first row of seats is 6 feet from the pit rail, 18' for the apron edge, 28-1/2′ from the Grand Drape and 34' from the movie screen. Then stage floor is roughly on a line with the audience’s eyes from all seats, and is therefore nearly invisible.

Spanos Theatre
California Polytechnic State University
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San Luis Obispo, CA 93407
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Spanos Theatre