Sound and Intercom


There are five soundboards available for the Theatre:

Soundcraft K3 (with meter bridge) : Features include 21 mic inputs, 6 stereo inputs (A or B), 8 groups, mains, and 8 auxes (pre/ post-fader selectable by pairs).

This mixer lives in the sound booth at the rear of the auditorium, with a full audio patch bay connected.   With prior arrangement, this mixer can be moved into the house.

Soundcraft Vienna II : Features include 48 mic inputs, 8 stereo inputs, 8 groups, 8 VCAs, 4 matrixs (A and B), mains, and 8 auxes (pre/post selectable).

This mixer lives in a road case.   With prior arrangement, this mixer can be set up in the house.

Allen & Heath 14:4:2+ : Features include 14 channels, 4 submasters, mains, and six auxes (pre or post fader).

This mixer is dedicated for classes and events with minimal sound requirements, and is positioned next to the light board operator. Also dedicated to this board is a Numark (MP 302) professional Dual MP3/CD player.

Soundcraft 200-Delta : Features include 20 mic inputs, 4 stereo inputs (A or B), 4 groups, mains, and 4 auxes (2 pre-fader, 2 post-fader).

This mixer is in storage in the booth at the rear of the auditorium.   With prior arrangement, this mixer can be moved to where it is needed.

Soundcraft SM12 Monitor Board: The SM12 is a full-spec professional monitor console offering twelve mono sends plus one stereo send (pre/post selectable). It has 48 channels and 12 groups(6 x 2).

This mixer is in storage in the booth at the rear of the auditorium.   With prior arrangement, this mixer can be moved to where it is needed.

There are 6 – Whirlwind SPC83P-S 8 channel 3-way splitters (48 MICS) in the booth. These split the mic lines between the booth, FOH mix position and the stage for a monitor mix.   Phantom Power is controlled by the splitter.

Equipment available:

  • Playback
    • 1-LG BH200 Super Blu Player (combo Blu-ray & HD DVD)
    • 1-Denon DN-V200 DVD player
    • 1-Panasonic DVD-RV32 player
    • 1-Oppo BDP-93 Blue-ray Disc Player with 7.1 stereo audio (mounted in a portable rack)
    • 1-Denon DN-D4500 Dual MP3/CD player
    • 1-Denon DN-650F CD player
    • 1-Technics SLP-1300 CD player
    • 2-Denon DN-720R3-head cassette decks
    • 1-Panasonic SV-3700 Professional Digital Audio Tape (DAT)
    • 1-Numark (MP 302) professional Dual MP3/CD player (dedicated to Allen & Heath board)
    • 1-Tascam CD-RW750 professional CD re writable recorder (in a portable rack)
    • 1-Denon DN 1800F Dual CD player (in a portable rack)
  • Equalization and effects
    • 4-Ashly GQX 3102 two channel third octave graphic equalizer (one dedicated to main mix)
    • 4- BSS FCS-960 two channel 30 band graphic equalizers
    • 1-Ashly XR1001 crossover
    • 1-Lexicon PCM80
    • 1-Lexicon PCM90
    • 1-Lexicon MPX 1
    • 5-Symetrix 501 Compressor/Limiter
    • 1-PreSonus ACP88 eight channel compressor/Limiter/Gate
  • Main Amps and Speakers:
    • 1-QSC MX3000A amplifier
    • 1-QSC MX2000A amplifier
    • 1-QSC RMX 1850 amplifier
    • 1-JBL MPA 750 amplifier
    • 2-JBL SR4731A (2-12″ and 1-1 ½” cones)
    • 4-JBL SR4718A (subs)
    • 2-JBL JRX118SP 18″ 300 watt powered subs
    • Ashly XR2001 three way crossover
  • Concert stage monitors
    • 4-QSC MX2000A amplifier
    • 8-EAW SM260   (12″ and 2″)
  • Additional Amps and Speakers
    • 3-QSC RMX 2450 amplifiers
    • 8-EAW JF80 Dance Monitors
    • 1-QSC DCA 1824 Digital Cinema Amplifier
    • 10-EAW CR72i Cinema System Speakers
    • 6-Altec 1594B 100-watt solid state power amps
    • 6-JBL 4311 3-way speakers in auditorium walls
    • 1-Altec A7 speaker in ceiling above apron
    • 2-Altec 1231 wedge floor monitors
  • Microphones and Direct Inputs
    • 16-Shure SM-58 vocal mics
    • 4-Shure SM-57s
    • 5-ULX-P Wireless Receivers
    • 3-Older LX Wireless Receiver
    • 5-ULX-P Wireless Lavs
    • 3-Older LX Wireless Lavs
    • 9-Shure 93 head for Lavs
    • 1-Shure 83 head for Lavs
    • 4-ULX-P Wireless Handhelds w/ 87 heads
    • 2-Older LX Wireless Handhelds w/ 87 heads
    • 1-ULX-P Wireless Handheld w/ 58 head
    • 1-Older LX Wireless Handheld w/ 58 head
    • 6-Crown PCC-160 floor mics
    • 2-AKG C451-E mics
    • 1-Shure MX418/C podium mic
    • 6-Countryman Type 85 FET Active DI
    • 1-Whirlwind Passive DI
  • Intercom and video monitors
    • 1-Clearcom PL PRO MS-232 (2 channel main station)
    • 1-Clearcom PL PRO RM-220 (2 channel remote station)
    • 1-Clearcom Tempest 900 (5-station wireless Communication)
    • 1-Telex BTR-200II (4-station wireless communication)
    • Various stations throughout the theatre for a total of 13 headsets
    • Video monitors with a stage shot are located backstage, greenroom, lobby, and all dressing rooms.
    Spanos Theatre
    California Polytechnic State University
    1 Grand Ave
    San Luis Obispo, CA 93407
    (805) 756-7113
    Spanos Theatre