The Alex and Faye Spanos Theatre

Greetings from the staff of the Spanos Theatre! We are looking forward to having your event here. In order to best serve you, we have prepared this information package about the theatre. Please contact our Technical Director as soon as possible with your specific needs. San Luis Obispo is 200 miles from both Los Angeles and San Francisco, and the local area has limited resources for any technical equipment or supplies on short notice. Last-minute acquisition of equipment is next to impossible and quite expensive when it can be done. Our goal is to give you the best possible presentation. We have quite a bit of equipment here and some very talented crewmembers that know how to use it.

If you are looking for tickets, please go here: Tickets

Please view our links above or download our handbook: Handbook.doc (MS Word 1.2MB)

Request for Use Form: RFU Form

Floorplan: Floorplan.mcd {Vectorworks v12 (5.6MB)}Floorplan: Floorplan_v11.mcd {Vectorworks v11 (424 KB)}

Floorplan: Floorplan_v10.mcd {Vectorworks v10 (418 KB)}

PDF Floorplans:

A. Stage: Floorplan.pdf B. Meetings: Pit and Forstage pic.jpg

C. Lobby: Spanos Lobby.pdf D. Patio: Spanos Patio.pdf

PDF Electric’s:

A. Stage Layout:Stage Layout.pdf 2015 B. FOH, AP's and Apron: AP's & Apron.pdf 2018

C. Stage:Stage.pdf 2018 D. Booms:Booms.pdf 2018

E. Latest Full Stage Plot 1/18:Spanos Lightplot.pdf 2018

Seating Chart: seating chart.jpg

Line Schedule : Flyline.xlsx (MS Excel 40KB)